Promoting skill development

Uskills aim to facilitate the development and enhancement of various skills among its users. By offering activities that require specific abilities or knowledge, it can encourage individuals to acquire new skills, improve existing ones, and gain valuable experience.
Uskills also provides an online market space for products and services reaching out to thousands of audience who are potential consumers.

Why Uskills is The Best

Uskills was founded with one single goal, to help people have access to product digital skills and also get their product and service to consumers of their product and services.


Gone are the days when publishers have no where to publish their books. Uskills is providing platform for publishers to sell their books to large audience.


Collosal rewards are made available by Uskills to every hardworking members who happens to be a good sales promoter.


You can easily make a fortune by opting in our affiliate programs. You can either earn a reward by promoting a book or by inviting someone to register getting your sales commission to your wallet instantly.


You start with cycle one which consist of 6 persons which are 2,3 or 4 direct referral and 2 indirect referral.

Customer Support Team

Fast response time from our help desk with 24/7 availability.

Explore Excellent Digital Skills from Us.

Learn in-demand skills to stand out in this tech driven society of today


You will learn web development from the best tutor.

Mobile App

You will get to learn how to design mobile app both android and ios.

Copy Writing

Learn from basic to advanced level in copy writing.


You will learn how to design like a pro.

IG and Facebook ads

You will learn all about social media marketing.

Mini Importation

You will learn how to do mini importation from an expert.


We know that you have some questions in mind to ask us.
Below are the frequently asked questions

How can I become a user on U-skills?

You can become a user by simply signing up from our website and you’re on your way to becoming an expert in one or more skills set of your choice.

Coupon codes are codes that are required during registration for activation of accounts on u-skills giving access to all features on the website.

On U-skills, we currently have 10 running skills ranging from website development to graphics designing to UI/UX design and lots more. You can view more from your users dashboard accounts as the skills set are available there.

Considering how expensive it is to pay for one or more skills on various websites, we’ve subsidized it to just a one time fee of $9. After this fee is met, A Upost task must be carried out by the individual for the minimum required days before he can qualify for the skills class.

Yes, every user on U-skills can publish an ebook on our website for free plus also decide to affiliate or market any Ebook on our website and earn commissions from promoting the ebooks to individuals.

As a user, you can promote your product and services on the Uskills marketplace. A Upost task must be carried out by the individual for the minimum required days before he can advertise as a user on Uskills.

No, We only require the initial registration fees and after that, there are no additional costs or charges attached as the registration fee grant you access to all features on U-skills.

You can earn yourself a whole lot of commissions by promotion any of the ebook courses and earning up to over 60% of the cost price or by affiliating the website itself and earning up to 80% and above on each user introduce.

U-skills does not associate itself in any form of illegal activities neither do they collect investments and promise low or high interests on them. Since it’s a registered business, it frowns at any form of investments.

All tutors of skills classes have more than 2 years experience in their various fields. You can be rest assured to learn quality skills from them For further enquiries kindly contact our help desk

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